Residential Cleaning

Along with regular vacuuming, getting a Fifth Avenue Carpet Care cleaning can preserve your carpet & extend its life. We use a powerful, truck-mounted hot-water extraction system that loosens and suspends soils from the carpet. Our truck mount also has a powerful vacuum system to remove those suspended soils for cleaner results and quicker drying times. A Fifth Avenue Carpet Care cleaning is great for your family’s health because a professionally cleaned carpet removes allergens, pet dander, dust mites, mold & foul odors that might be in your carpet. The cost for cleaning your carpet and upholstery is calculated by the square foot and linear foot. There is no confusion for what defines a “room” and you are only paying for what is being cleaned. Carpet protector, urine treatment, deodorizer, and some stains will be additional costs. Hassle-free quotes daily.